Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0381.jpgChesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0380.jpgMichael and Carina Workshops_0363.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0377.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0375.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0376.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0367.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0364.jpgChesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0368.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0365.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0397.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0372.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0369.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0366.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0371.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0373.jpgChesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0378.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0382.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0387.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0394.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0379.jpgChesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0399.jpgChesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0393.jpgChesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0392.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0389.jpgChesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0385.jpgChesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0400.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0395.jpg
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding_0396.jpgIt was our honor to photograph Bettina and John Paul’s St. Michael’s wedding at the Inn at Perry Cabin and Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum at the end of summer.

V E N D O R S:

Venue: Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum  & The Inn at Perry Cabin

Event Coordination & Styling: Sara Reynolds Events

Wedding dress: Cristos

Groom’s attire: Bonobos

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Florals: Seaberry Farm

Rentals: Eastern Shore Tents & Events

Makeup: The Makeup Chic

Hair: PSC Hair Artistry 

Cinematography: Shutter and Sound

Catering: Gourmet by the Bay


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Baltimore Four Seasons Wedding Michael Carina_0308.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0312.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0313.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0339.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0314.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0315.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0311.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0317.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0322.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0333.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0316.jpg Baltimore Four Seasons Wedding Michael Carina_0307.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0321.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0319.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0320.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0323.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0324.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0325.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0342.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0326.jpgSalamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0327.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0328.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0338.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0329.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0331.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0330.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0340.jpgSalamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0332.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0335.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0336.jpg Salamander Inn Resort Wedding Photography_0343.jpg

We had the pleasure of photographing Russ & Erykah’s Salamander Inn & Resort wedding with these fantastic vendors:

Wedding gown: ModCloth

Calligraphy: Corsivo Calligraphy

Floral design, including headpiece: La Fleur Du Jour 

Groom’s Attire: Jos. A. Bank 

Shoes: Ivanka Trump 

Jewelry: Boone & Sons

Venue & Catering: Salamander Inn & Resort 

Film development & scanning: our friends at Richard Photo Lab 



Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0237.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0236.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0267.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0273.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0258.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0250.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0277.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0271.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0268.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0263.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0251.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0275.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0242.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0243.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0276.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0246.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0248.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0241.jpgMichael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0240.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0264.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0262.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0260.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0269.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0253.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0261.jpg Michael and Carina Photography Boudoir_0235.jpg

Hair and Makeup Artist: Emily Artistry
Floral Design: Isha Foss Events
Location: Salubria


Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0139.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0136.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0140.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0146.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0147.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0142.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0141.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0143.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0144.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0148.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0145.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0153.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0149.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0150.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0151.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0154.jpg
Baltimore Wedding Photographer - Michael and Carina Photography_0152.jpg

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“If I ever marry, love,
then ever only with you."