At the Foundry

maternity photo inspiration on film maternity photo inspiration_0361.jpg Maternity portrait inspiration_0351.jpg maternity photo inspiration_0358.jpg maternity photo inspiration_0357.jpg Fine art maternity photos Contax 645_0343.jpg maternity inspiration photos Michael and carina photography_0349.jpg maternity photo inspiration_0363.jpg maternity photo inspiration_0360.jpg Fine art film family photography_0347.jpg maternity photo inspiration_0364.jpg Father and son black and white film_0350.jpg black white film portrait_0355.jpg black white film maternit_0354.jpg maternity photo inspiration_0365.jpg Family portrait Contax 645_0353.jpg

We are so excited for our friends Shannon, Joe, and Logan to welcome a new member to their wonderful family. It was such an honor to capture their excitement on film, too!

Photographed on Fuji400h, Fuji 800z and HP5 black and white film near the end of summer at The Foundry, scanned by Richard Photo Lab.


They met in fourth grade…

Charleston on film_0254.jpg Closeup detail of bridal gown_0295.jpg Charleston wedding photographer invitation suite_0248.jpg Wedding ring photo inspiration_0252.jpg Monique Lhuillier wedding_0253.jpgKate Spade wedding shoes_0258.jpg Bride getting ready_0292.jpg Classic elegant wedding inspiration_0250.jpg Classic elegant wedding boutonniere_0251.jpg Bride with wall of jasmine flowers_0260.jpg Summerville South Carolina_0288.jpg Long blue grey bridesmaid dresses_0262.jpg Table centerpiece_0287.jpg Bride and groom portrait inspiration_0279.jpg Classic wedding party formal photo inspiration_0271.jpgwedding centerpiece_0297.jpg wedding party inspiration_0291.jpg bride and groom on film_0280.jpg backyard wedding reception photos_0296.jpg Wedding ceremony on black and white film_0275.jpg Wedding ceremony on black and white film_0276.jpg wedding party_0278.jpgSummerville South Carolina wedding_0267.jpg Wedding reception inspiration_0266.jpg Backyard wedding reception inspiration_0272.jpg Wedding party procession_0270.jpg Wedding reception inspiration_0265.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0281.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0284.jpgSpanish moss on film_0261.jpg Backyard wedding reception inspiration_0268.jpg Backyard wedding reception on film_0264.jpgBackyard wedding reception inspiration_0269.jpg Sparkler exit on black and white film_0277.jpg

It was such an honor to photograph this classic & elegant Charleston wedding. From the Bride: "I met Christopher when I was 9 years old. He sat behind me in Ms. Thompson’s Fourth Grade class. Chris has little memory of me from this time but I remember him as the boy who said volcanoes were going to explode and destroy the earth. Needless to say I wasn’t overly fond of him. Ironically enough, when I moved back to South Carolina at 15, he again sat behind me in class. This time, he left a better impression on me and we’ve have been pretty inseparable since.

Chris and I have very different styles and made sure both were represented on our wedding day, feeling the best way to do so was to show our individual styles through the details of the day. Chris wanted the day to be traditional and timeless and I wanted to make sure it had an air of romance and magic. I think you can see both of those in Chris’ black tux and my tulle dress. My favorite combination of the two were the garland lights hanging from the trees over the black and white dance floor. When the day finally arrived I couldn’t help but feel anything but an overwhelming sense of peace. I expected my heart to be pounding as I walked down the isle but it was steady; Marrying Chris was the most natural thing I’ve ever done and nothing could or ever will feel more right."



Venues: Belmond Charleston Place & Private Family Estate 
Bridal Salon: Maddison Row Bridal 
 Dress Designer: Monique Lhuillier 
Florals: On a Limb Florals 
 Rentals: Event Works  
Hair and Make Up: Pink Dot Beauty Bar 
Invitations: Minted
Bridesmaid Dresses: Kate McDonald  


A heart whose love is innocent.

Carol Hannah bride Michael and Carina Photography_0243.jpgSoft natural bridal makeup for wedding_0215.jpg calligraphy on film_0214.jpg Carol Hannah bride Michael and Carina Photography_0244.jpgLa Fleur du Jour_0230.jpg classic bride Carol Hannah Bridal_0217.jpg susie saltzman ring on calligraphy_0221.jpg Signore e Mare Calligraphy_0209.jpg Bella Belle Shoes_0227.jpg Emily Artistry Bridal Updo_0211.jpgVeil by Girl with a Serious Dream_0231.jpg Twirling wedding dress Carol Hannah_0238.jpg classic bride Carol Hannah Bridal_0218.jpgRetreat at Cool Spring_0208.jpg Calligraphy by Signore e Mare Katie Hyatt_0225.jpg Girl with a Serious Dream_0226.jpg Authentic bride and groom cover pose_0212.jpg Wedding portrait inspiration_0210.jpgCalligraphy by Signore e Mare Katie Hyatt_0224.jpg Carol Hannah bride Michael and Carina Photography_0242.jpg Carol Hannah bride Michael and Carina Photography_0240.jpg Carol Hannah bride Michael and Carina Photography_0241.jpg Intimate bride and groom portrait_0228.jpg Carol Hannah Bridal_0229.jpg Wedding couple portrait on cloudy day_0233.jpg Twirling wedding dress Carol Hannah_0237.jpg Bride and groom pose Michael and Carina Photography_0236.jpg

Photographed at the most recent Michael and Carina Workshop we hosted for photographers from around the world, this bridal portrait session was rooted in the authenticity of a real wedding day: with a period of preparation, portraits, a lovely tablescape for celebrating, and an evening gown that flowed with energy. We specifically took inspiration from English poetry of the early Romantic period: 'She Walks in Beauty' by Lord Byron and 'She Was a Phantom of Delight' by William Wadsworth. Each piece, from the rings by Susie Saltzman to the jewelry and headpieces by Liv Hart, was carefully selected to echo this idealized statement of grace found in these poems. We ended the bridal portrait session in a meadow as our bride and groom ran into the distance, embracing and happy, a vision of the ideal world weddings aspire to represent. To see more images from another recent workshop, click here.

Registration for our next workshop which will be held November 6-9th, 2017 in Charleston, SC is open now. To inquire, click here. 



Styling and Creative Direction: East Made Event Co. 

Florals: La Fleur Du Jour

Hair & Makeup: Emily Artistry

Rings: Susie Saltzman

Headpieces and Earrings: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart

Gowns: Carol Hannah Bridal

Veil: Girl with a Serious Dream

Calligraphy: Signora e Mare

Cake: Catherine George Cakes

Rentals: White Glove Rentals

Ring Dishes: Marbella Dish

Models: Victoria with Modelogic Wilhelmina & Daijreous of Liquid Talent

Venue: Retreat at Cool Spring

Film development lab: Richard Photo Lab




Classic Charlottesville elegance.

Michael and Carina Photography_0193.jpg Charlottesville Wedding Photographer_0190.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0192.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0196.jpg Charlottesville Wedding Photographer_0188.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0200.jpg Charlottesville Wedding Photographer_0191.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0202.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0201.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0195.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0194.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0199.jpg Charlottesville Wedding Photographer_0187.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0197.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0206.jpg Sky on film_0185.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0203.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0204.jpg Michael and Carina Photography_0205.jpg

These two are so easy to adore and their love for one another inspires us.


Farmington Country Club

Tia Dora Bridal


Kristen Perdue

Brianna Adams

Simply Paper Co.

Carmen Steffans



New York Bridal Fashion Week 2016

Annabelle wearing Samuelle Couture_0622.jpg Samuelle couture gowns detail_0621.jpgSamuelle Couture and Liv Hart Enchanted Atelier_0625.jpgWedding dress detail Samuelle Couture_0609.jpgBridal portrait pose Liv Hart_0610.jpg Annabelle gown detail Sam Couture_0623.jpg Kodak Portra 800 film portrait_0618.jpg Samuelle Couture Michael and Carina Photography_0613.jpg Samuelle Couture New York Bridal Fashion Week_0612.jpgdouble exposure_0620.jpg Wedding dress samuelle couture new york_0626.jpg Samuelle Couture Gowns_0616.jpg

In October 2016, we had the pleasure of photographing Annabelle for Samuelle Couture and Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart in New York.

Always a pleasure to work with such tremendously talented artists.


Headpieces and jewelry: Enchanted Atelier by Liv Hart

Gowns: Samuelle Couture

HMUA: Sharon Becker

Model: Annabelle with Modelogic Wilhelmina



“If I ever marry, love,
then ever only with you."